Airport Transfers

Heathrow by Train

Heathrow Express offers a 15-minute non-stop service from Heathrow to Paddington Station. Buy your tickets online to save on fares.

Heathrow by Cab

You can book a cab with meet-and-greet service via TaxiCode. Book your transfer 14 days in advance with a 20% deposit: the balance is due 7 days prior. TaxiCode provides plenty of options; most are cheaper than Black Cabs or Uber.

Gatwick by Train

Gatwick Express offers a 30-minute non-stop service from Gatwick to Victoria Station. Buy your tickets online to save on fares.

Getting Around London


Use the Uber app instead of Black Cabs where possible. The Uber service is quite reliable and costs about half of the Black Cab fare.

Tube and Bus

The transit system is not as bewildering as you may think. Google Maps can calculate tube and bus trips for you precisely. The Transport for London site can do point to point journey mapping for you.

London Transport is based on a zone system for fares: get system maps here. Central London lies within Zones 1 and 2.

8 Tube journeys that are faster on foot


You can use your contactless payment card or mobile pay apps for occasional trips. NOTE: you cannot use cash on buses. Ticket machines at Tube stations can produce farecards for you, with payment by cash or credit card.

If you plan a number of trips, you can purchase an Oyster transit pass card at Tube ticket machines. With Oyster you can load fare amounts for pay-as-you-go use or purchase a weekly pass. There is a daily cap on charges for pay-as-you-go. Get details on fares here.


Some train statiions fall under Transport for London and can get you across the city.

If you plan to head out of London, use National Rail Enquiries to look up schedules, routes, and purchase tickets.

Using Your Phone in the UK

Roaming with your Current Phone Account


SaskTel has international roaming packages that apply to the UK, You can sign up via your MySaskTel account.


Telus has per day Easy Roam packages for the UK.


Rogers has a variety of add-ons for international travel

Using a UK SIM Card

If your Canadian smartphone is unlocked, you can purchase a local SIM card in the UK. This is a good option if you are on a longer stay. Here are some vendors: